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This CCW class is a two-day, 16-hour, course approved for: San Francisco Police Department. Please note: San Francisco PD requires you to apply and get approved by them prior to enrolling in the training class.


Day One will take place in an indoor classroom where students learn the
legal considerations and requirements for carrying a concealed handgun,
the use of lethal force, civil and criminal liability, interacting with law
enforcement and what to expect if you are involved in a lethal use of force

Day Two will take place at a shooting range where students will learn to
safely present their firearm from the holster and apply shooting
fundamentals. They will shoot a variety of drills that incorporate shooting
fundamentals, as well as emergency and tactical reloads. They will also
learn how to clear malfunctions and learn some basic strategies of
defensive shooting.

Students are required to bring the equipment listed on the left to the first day of class for our mandatory gear check, including all the guns you want on your permit. Please do not bring any ammunition into the classroom. Leave ammo secured in your vehicle until you are directed to retrieve it.

Course fee includes all range fees, targets, Certificates of Training, and a copy of ``California Gun Laws`` by C.D. Michel.

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